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Happy National Puppy Day, Jackson!

I heard that today was National Puppy Day, and I can’t miss an opportunity to share about my dog Jackson.

Jackson is technically not a puppy as in he is 4 years old, but to me, he will always be my puppy!

Jackson is so sweet.

And he is so silly.

He loves a good nap!

And he loves to take walks!

He isn’t the brightest, that’s for sure, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He is my best friend.

I don’t like to think about where Jackson would be right now if maybe I didn’t get adopt him. I also don’t like to think about what will happen when he is no longer here.

The best thing about dogs is they live in the moment, so that is what I will do too.

I love you Jackson.

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What Happens In Vegas…

One week ago I was in Vegas with Andrea and Andrew. I had never been to Vegas before this trip, so I honestly had no idea what to expect! I was nervous, because I don’t do well when I veer off of my normal routine, but I think I came back a little bit stronger and better, because I stepped out of my comfort zone! I figured I would give a quick recap of the trip here, in case anyone wants to know just how CRAZY it was!!

We landed in Vegas at 1:30 a.m. Vegas time, which was 4:30 a.m. Boston time. The time change really messed me up, both ways.

Friday was our first real day, and we went to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon! I loved it! It was beautiful!

Friday night we went to this crazy street called The Freemont, it was basically like Times Square meets Hampton Beach meets a club. It was all outside. People were zip lining over our heads, bands were playing, and everyone was just having a good time.

Saturday we slept in until 11 am, we really needed that. After we went out to the Flamingo Hotel because I love flamingo’s and they had a wildlife habitat of flamingos! We walked the Linq and then Andrew and Andrea had to go get ready for Lady Gaga at her residency at the Park MGM.

I stayed in the Air B’N’B while they went to Lady Gaga and met up with them afterwards to go on the High Roller, the biggest Observation Wheel in the world! It had 360 Degree views of Vegas.

Then we got nachos because its it’s one am in Vegas and you want Nachos, you can get nachos.

The next day was Sunday, SUPERBOWL DAY!! Now, if you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know, but the Super Bowl is one of my favorite days! But, we were in Vegas, so we had to do some research to really see where we could watch, and where wasn’t going to be too much money, because most places were charging 300-400 dollars to get in! But we found this awesome place to watch it right near the Freemont, called the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. It was free to get in, but the food and drinks you had to pay for! It was like a giant watch party tailgate!

We had the best time meeting other Patriots fans and cheering so loudly! Fun fact, I even got interviewed by the local news when I was there!

But Andrew and Andrea had Lady Gaga on Sunday night too, so they were changing and getting ready in the 4th quarter, and I was still cheering them on! They stayed to watch them win and then left right after, but I stayed with all the Patriots fans that I met!

We met up again after they went to the show, and walked around the casinos and saw the fountains at the Bellagio and eventually went to bed around 2.

Monday was our last day. I think 4 days in Vegas is the perfect amount of time. We saw enough, we had enough fun, and I think we were all ready to go back home and get back to reality. Vegas is truly un-like anywhere else I have ever been, honestly I can’t describe it, it’s just one giant party all the time on the Strip, but if you go a little off the strip, it’s quite poor.

Monday we had to carry our suitcases with us all day since our flight wasn’t until 9:50 that night. The Venetian was beautiful!

We had fun taking pictures with the Vegas sign! We even saw someone taking their wedding photos there!

The whole trip was so fun, I am so glad that we decided to go and just have a fun weekend. I never do spur of the moment things, and this trip wasn’t spur of the moment, but what we did while we were there was super un-planned, but I think that made it even better! I hope I have many many more adventures with Andrea and Andrew for the rest of my life!!

Then, we landed at 6 am on Tuesday morning, and went to the Patriots Parade! What a great way to ease myself back in to Boston!

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Boston is an amazing city. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. I LOVE BOSTON. So much. I love the vibe of the mom and pop coffee shops on a rainy morning. I love the subway during rush hour. I love the commuter rail each morning, when it’s on time. I love the Common after it snows. I love my walk through Downtown Crossing each morning to class, and the Spare Change Newspaper guy every afternoon outside of Park Street. And I love the Boston Sports Teams. It’s impossible to live in Massachusetts and not love sports, especially on a day like yesterday when hundreds of thousands of people flood the streets to Cheer on The Red Sox on their ninth world series championship. Yesterday was the 11th victory parade since 2001. It will never get old.

Thanks Michael, Suffolk’s photographer for always finding me in a crowd!

I think we don’t realize how lucky we are that we go to college on the parade route. I mean literally our college is the middle of the parade route. How lucky are we? I mean, I don’t think we truly understand how many people would love that.

Right outside of 73, with thousands of my closest friends! HAHA!

The parade was so much fun, Suffolk cancelled classes between 10 and 3 and that was the time of my class, so no school! I have never had a better day at school, no I’m kidding, but it was a perfect day.  Parade with my friends, lunch after, no clouds, it wasn’t too cold.


The city was on fire yesterday, there wasn’t a single person that I saw that was in a bad mood, and yes, I hate the people who don’t know who to act in a city, I hate the people who take up the entire sidewalk to walk, but you know what, Boston is an amazing city, with amazing people, and amazing sports teams, and a few days a year, I can deal with the tourists, all I can do is laugh.


I can’t wait for the next Victory Parade. February for the Patriots maybe? We can only hope!

The most “Boston” picture I’ve ever taken!







My Brother Bruce

You guys must be getting sick of reading about me right? I mean, it seems like every post on here is all about me. So, for this one, I thought I would write a post all about my very awesome brother, Bruce Jonathan Hadley.


Bruce is 20 months younger than me. Almost to the day, I’m born on March 19th 1997, and he was born on November 22nd, 1998. At first when I was a little girl, I would get mad that we were so close in age, because I wanted to be older, I wanted to know more, and get to do things first. But, I realize it’s actually pretty cool that we are so close in age, because he’s a sophomore in college right now and I’m a senior in college right now, so in a way we are going through some of the same stuff. It’s cool to have someone to talk to and hang out with and relate to things with.


Bruce is so tall. He’s 6 feet 4 inches. I realize that tall isn’t a really a defining trait about a person, but it’s weird sometimes when I think how tall he is, because he’s younger than me, so I just remember all the time I was taller, and now, here we are.


Bruce is so nice, one of the nicest, most understanding people in the world. He is always there to listen, and he will usually turn the situation around to something that makes you laugh. That isn’t to say Bruce isn’t serious, he’s very serious, he is just the type of person who always likes to take the lighter side of things. If I’m having a bad day, he’s definitely the one I want to talk to, he always makes me laugh.


Bruce is going to be very successful. I can see Bruce living in a small little town with a lot of woods, and a lot to do outside, he is always outside. I can see him working every day at some national park, and working on the trails, or working on the park, or maybe being a park ranger. I can see Bruce enjoying everything that nature has to offer, because he always has been like that.


Bruce can do whatever he sets his mind to do, he’s very smart, and very clever in finding out ways to do things, and ways to succeed. I know he will do whatever he wants in life, and be great at it.

If you think I love George, you haven’t seen Bruce love George, it might even be more than me! Maybe!

IMG_1855 (2)
Baby Bruce and Liz, and yes he still looks at me this way! 

It’s weird not seeing Bruce every day, but I know he is killing it up at the University of Maine, and I can’t wait to see where his life takes him, because it could be anywhere.


I love you Brucey!



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Alternative Spring Break Part 2

Every once in a while something comes along that completely changes your life. Alternative Spring Break did just that for me. Are you a Suffolk Student who is maybe looking for a way to make a difference, or find out more about yourself? ASB did that for me, and I think it can do that for you too. It is amazing, indescribable, and fun. But, if I can’t convince you, check out my Youtube Link here, or down below too.



Here is the flyer to apply! Please do, we might be in the same group!

ASB 2019 Flyer

Suffolk University

My Beautiful, Amazing, Friends

First, I must apologize for not writing a post in a while. I have been struggling to think of a new topic for my next blog post, and today it hit me. My friends should be the topic because through my time at college I have realized just how important it is to find a few, really good friends.

When I was younger I never had that many friends. I had people I would talk to simply because they were in my classes together, or they were in my after school activities. But that was as far as it went. I had a few really really good friends and I was fine with that.

Then, when I went to college, I had to make some new friends. And, I got so lucky with who I met really early on in college that we are still such good friends now more than two years later! Many people have friends, but they fight, or they lose contact, but, not us! We may have weeks when we don’t hang out, but that doesn’t change anything from our relationship. When we see each other again, it’s like we never stopped seeing each other, and I know in my heart that that will be how it always is for us!


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Andrea and I! Isn’t she beautiful! 


Andrea Nastri: Andrea and I were suite mates my freshman year. 2015 had a lot of ups and downs for both of us, the adjustment to college was hard, but we were always there for each other and there were many nights when literally the only thing keeping me alive was Andrea’s kind words and hugs. Andrea is the most thoughtful person I know. She truly cares about everyone and she puts her heart and soul into everything she does (and trust me, she does tons). She also really wants to get to know everyone she meets, and help them to make them feel comfortable and welcome, wherever that may be! I seriously am so thankful and so lucky that we ended up by some magical force that put us into the same suite! Who knows where our paths would have led us that year if it wasn’t for that one thing we had in common! I know that Andrea will be so successful in life, and she will work tirelessly until she accomplishes whatever sets her soul on fire! I can’t wait to be cheering her on through it all!

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Andrew and I

Andrew Navaroli: Andrew and I met in the cafeteria of 150 the second day of college. It was bowling night and we were all waiting to travel to the bowling place together! Andrea and I were together with a bunch of our other suite mates, and there was Andrew! Fun Fact, Andrew wasn’t even going to go to bowling, but he ended up going and thank god he did because we have been friends ever since! Andrew is a very easy person to open up to. He has some weird way about him that just makes me want to talk to him, and invite him places. Andrew is always up for an adventure, even if it’s just a small one. He is the least judgmental person I know, and will literally listen to any story I tell him without changing his facial expression at all, no matter how wild the story is. Andrew and I are very different people, he likes to stay up until the crack of dawn, while I go to bed at 9 every night, but that has never stopped us from enjoying the day light together, and having a good time no matter where we are. If I ever need someone to talk to, or vent to, or just ask if he wants to go out for coffee while I tell him all that is bothering me, this is who I call!

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And how lucky are we that all three of us get along so famously! Have we ever fought? I seriously don’t think we have. We may not have agreed with everything that we all have said or done, but we always know that we will be there for each other and will always support each other. I am so thankful that I have these people in my life, and I know deep in my heart that we will be friends for the whole rest of our lives!!


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If you haven’t had a chance to get to know these people, I hope you take advantage of it! I love you Andrea and Andrew and I hope all of your dreams come true!