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My Time at Suffolk University

There is a time in most people’s life, when they have to decide what comes next. This question may pop into people’s minds in high school, in senior year of college, or maybe pre – wedding. This question may come into play when trying to decide what to do after a certain part time job, or what to do during that job. Regardless, most people have had to face this time in their life one or two times. “What do I do now?”

My most prominent memory of this time was senior year of high school when I was trying to decide which college to go to. I knew I wanted to go to a college in a city, it didn’t matter which city, but I knew it had to be a city. I knew I wanted to do Broadcast Journalism and I knew I didn’t want a huge school.

After lots of soul searching and talking with multiple people, I decided to go to Suffolk University. Disclaimer: I went to Suffolk because they gave me a very large scholarship. But, I still went into college with an open mind and I was determined to make the most of my college career.

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Although, I chose Suffolk because of the money, IT IS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! I LOVE SUFFOLK WITH ALL MY HEART!

Going to Suffolk University was the best decision of my entire life. Every single day I look forward to going to school, something I NEVER felt in high school. I look forward to waking up, and I look forward to learning. Every day I see people who are like me, who want to succeed, and who will work tirelessly until that happens.

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But not only that, I see actual successful people who have already graduated from college and are working every day to accomplish their dreams. Suffolk is in the middle of Boston, and it does a fabulous job of combining us college age people with the working people. It holds internship fairs, it has a whole floor dedicated to helping us perfect our resumes and cover letters. Not only that, but when we walk to classes, or take the T to our classes, it’s with the people who are going to work. We are a part of this city, we are as important as they are. Which is why, nobody ever shows up to class wearing pajamas, like the stereotypical college movies always show, because we will stand out like a sore thumb around all of those men and women in suits and it would just be awkward.

It also has professors coming in from TV stations and newspapers to teach a class, and to show us how it really works in the so called “real” world. Those professors connect us to jobs that will help us gain real world experience, and to make connections outside of the small community of Suffolk.

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Suffolk has people from 98 countries. When I first came to Suffolk this was so overwhelming. I heard so many different languages, saw so many ways that people live life. But, now, it’s just normal. I don’t think anything of it. It’s actually quite amazing to be surrounded by people from all of these different backgrounds coming together to learn. It has made me realize that there just isn’t one right way to “DO” life. There are so many different paths that life will take you on, and not one of them is right. They are just different. Just like the people who live them. Besides, it’s on the street that the Patriots Parade is on when they win the Super Bowl, so, there’t that too!

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I keep a log of each year at Suffolk. I am almost done with my 3rd year. It’s amazing to see how much I have grown, and how much I have learned, and also how much more accepting I am. Of people, of places, of the world, and of my future. Suffolk has done all of that for me. I have met some of the best people here, and I know that all of them will be so successful. I have had some wild, crazy experiences, and I have come out of all of them a stronger person, with a newfound appreciation for this world.

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Sure, Suffolk has it’s problems, everything has problems. But, Suffolk also has so many strengths. It has a magnificent way of making people feel unique, and making people feel like they belong. Not only are the people unique, but so is the school. If you work hard enough, you will find somewhere you belong on campus, somewhere that you fit in, and you will meet people who are just like you, who care so much about the world around them, and have goals, and dreams, and work so hard to make them happen.

Suffolk is honest. Suffolk is unique, Suffolk is rare. It is rare to find a school so community based in such a large city. I am blessed to go here. I am thankful I have had every experience I have had here. I look forward to every day I spend here, and I love everything about Suffolk. Sometimes I just want to write a giant thank you note to Suffolk, so consider this my giant thank you note! Thank you!





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