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My Top Ten Tips For Surviving Commuting

Sometimes I joke around and say that if you don’t know where I am, it’s either in the editing lab working on my current package, or on the commuter rail. It’s sad, but also, not false. 

Commuting is a full time job. I love when people take the commuter rail and they clearly don’t do it much, because they are all happy and talkative and they don’t know to have their ticket ready to go before they get on the train. I feel like telling them that the appeal wears off. 

Sometimes parents take their children to the train station to watch the trains go by, and it’s adorable to see how happy it makes them, but then I think, if only you knew how much pain it causes all of us. 

In order to survive commuting, I have come up with a guide. A top ten, of sorts. If you commute, you will agree, if you don’t you’ll think I’m being ridiculous, but believe me, you are going to want those heavy winter gloves when the train is delayed and you end up having the stand outside for 30 minutes in the 15 degree weather. 

Here we go: 

10: Get a Really Warm Winter Coat, Jacket, Mittens, Hat. 

When the train is late, or the train breaks down, or the heat is broken on the car, or you realize you wanted to go out with your friends after your day, you won’t regret it. Maybe it’s not the latest fashion, or the latest trends, but nobody on the train cares. You will be happy to have that warmth while you wish you didn’t have to wait outside for the train. 

9: Invest in Some Really Nice, Comfortable Shoes

It sounds silly, but the thing is, when you commute, you have no down time. From the minute you get in your car to drive to the train, to the minute you get back in your car after the train ride home, you won’t have a minute to relax. Where would you even go to relax? If you are like me, you may have a friend who lives in the North End and lets you go over for an hour in the middle of the day, but still, you can’t rely on him to always be there. Believe me, you are going to want those comfy shoes. 

8: Get Really Good At Time Management. 

I can tell you the exact amount of time it takes me to get to my house from the train station. (26 minutes) I can tell you the exact amount of time it will take me in Starbucks to get my coffee in the morning, (8 minutes) and the exact amount of time I need to print out my essay that’s due right before class. (if there is no line, 6 minutes.) I know if I take the 8:01 train its 35 minutes, but if I take the 6:56 train it’s 29 minutes. I know it’s 3 minutes from Back Bay to Ruggles, and I know that it takes my 12 minutes to walk from South Station to Sawyer Building. 

7: Bring a Book. 

Sure, you have your phone, or music. But, day after day of aimlessly scrolling through social media will really wear on you. You will waste your data, your dad will get mad, or you will just feel like you are wasting time. Get a book, read that book. I’m telling you, I’ve read 30 books this year, all thanks to the commuter rail 

6: Get Ready To Be Tired. 

At least at first. I remember going home, and feeling really tired. Now, I’m used to it, so I’m not tired anymore. My legs hurt, my head was tired, and their are lots of days I still want a little more sleep, but I’m used to it now. 

5: Bring Your Lunch

Especially if you are commuting to Boston, I don’t know how expensive the rest of the country is, but Boston is expensive. I just can’t be buying food every day. Bringing lunch really pays off, I can eat it wherever I am, I don’t have to wait in line, which wastes more time. And at the end of the day, when I get hungry, I have a snack. I am already paying for my monthly commuter rail pass and parking, gosh, I don’t know what I’d do if I had to pay 15 dollars for lunch every day. That’s 75 dollars a week! 

4: Don’t Expect Miracles. 

The commuter rail is run by humans, humans make mistakes. I know I make mistakes, so many mistakes. If the train breaks down, or it’s late, sure it’s annoying, but I can’t get too mad, I’m sure they feel bad enough already, just be patient, wait it out, and eventually I’ll get where I need to go, and usually the train is on time. 

3: Really Appreciate When You Get Where You Need To Go

Whenever you get where you are going, be happy, have a little fun, buy a coffee, just be all there, because soon enough, you will have to go back to South Station to wait for the train again, so be happy when you are wherever you needed to be. 

2. Be Nice To Everyone You See On The Train, Or On The Sidewalks. 

We are all on the same boat. Most likely, nobody really wants to be doing this, but we all are anyways. Let them on the train in front of you, let them sit in the middle seat when they are short on cars that day. Try to smile, tell them if they dropped something. When you are packing for 16 hours, it’s hard to remember it all, help them out, smile, be kind, but don’t be dumb either, be quiet in the morning. 

1: No Matter How Bad of A Day it is on the train, it’s still better than driving.

Always remember, sure, most days it’s cold, it’s rainy, it’s windy, but, it’s still better than sitting on the highway in gridlock for hours, wasting gas, wasting time, let alone finding a parking spot in Boston. At least on the train, you can read, you can text, you can listen to your podcast, all while someone else is doing the driving for you. Taking the train, is always better than driving. I tell myself that everyday, and it’s not so bad anymore.

Maybe I’ll see you on the commuter rail! 


Top 10 of Summer 2018

I’m reading a book right now called “Top Ten” by Katie Cotugno, and also my favorite blog that I read @mixandmatchmama wrote a blog on her top ten of her summer. Because of those two reasons, I was inspired to write my own!

Way way way back in February, I said to myself, “self, you need to have fun this summer.” You see, I’m the type of person who just worries constantly. “Am I doing enough to succeed? Am I working hard enough to succeed when I graduate? Do I have enough money in my savings account?” Blah Blah Blah. But, I don’t know, I just have really been working on being more adventurous, and more fun, so I told myself, you can work, and have fun. You can even make work fun! Setting out to have a fun, adventurous, memorable summer, I believe I did just that!


Now, Summer is ending, and senior year at Suffolk University is starting. I am ready, I am energized, I am excited! Without any further ado, here is a look at my summer!


10: WORKING 6 am -2:30 At TARGET 2267

Yes, this one is my last on my list, but still, it was so much of my summer that it had to be on the list. Now, this is just like any typical minimum wage job, boring, stupid, annoying, and you do way more work than you get paid for, but still I had some good laughs, and I actually had fun too. It is cool to see how the average person lives their life. I was thinking the other day when I was in the girls section, how some of our celebrities should come work at Target for a summer, and see how hard some people work just to make end’s meet, and see how many people in this world really think and live, it would be quite the learning experience for them. All in all, this job was fun, and I think I made a lot of people smile with my attitude, which is always my goal.





9: All my Days by the Pool, Swimming, Dancing, Singing and Reading

It came to me a while back, that many people think that the really great days in our lives, are the days when we don’t necessarily do anything significant, but are just totally normal. Most days, I worked, and then went home and put my bathing suit on, and went to my pool. I read, I sang, I danced, I swam, I just enjoyed the simple pleasure of being alive. And, it definitely was a top 10 of the summer, hands down. I hope I have more days like that in my life, days when the hours tick by, but by the end of the day, you just feel happy.



IMG_1903 (1)




My wonderful mother bought two tickets to see Aladdin at the Boston Opera House for me for Christmas, and the day finally came. Let me tell you, that show was everything it was talked up to be. I absolutely LOVED IT! It was so much fun, so much energy, so much talent, so much pure inspiration. I love live theater, always have, always will! And, sadly I didn’t take any pictures of my mom and me that night, I guess we were just having too much fun!



7: The Dance Recital 2018, “When I Grow Up”

June 23 was the dance recital this year, and it was amazing. Every year I get so nervous, so worked up, but every year it ends up being amazing, and I just have the best feeling when it all ends. I love seeing the kids have a blast, and I love the progression from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Their faces when they realize that they can do it is phenomenal. I just love this day, every year this day ends up being one for the books, so it is only right that it ends up in my top 10 for the summer!



6: Hiking Mount Washington

This day was so great! It was hot, sunny, and humid, but this was the day that my brother and I set out to hike it, and we hiked it. All the way up, all the way down, in 6 hours! I was tired, I was sore, but we did it, and I love to accomplish my goals! And to do it with my brother was so cool!



5: My day in Boston with Andrea and Andrew

It’s no secret that Andrea and Andrew are my best friends, and we hang out a lot in Boston, since that is where college is, but on this particular day, it was extra special. Andrew was in 150 as an OL, but he had this day off, and so did Andrea and I, so we went in and just had a great day. We didn’t have a plan, but we never need one. We walked, we talked, we had coffee, we ate pizza, we went to the Lawn on D. Life is always just so fun with Andrea and Andrew and I hope we are friends for a long time!


IMG_7342                 IMG_7349

4: The night on the Cape with Ben and Bruce

It’s always fun to hang out with people I have known your entire life, I never have to explain myself, or pretend to be anything I’m not, because they just don’t care. This night was a planned photo shoot with Ben, but Bruce tagged along, and we had a blast. Most of the night was driving to Sandwich and back, but it was just simple. It was so fun to be on the beach at night with two of my best friends, and take pictures. We laughed and then we decided to go out to dinner at a “hole in the wall restaurant” because the cape is full of those. But, when we googled hole in the wall restaurant, we chose the Fisherman’s View, and it was definitely not hole in the wall. It was packed, first of all, but also so fancy. But, we figured we were already there, so we couldn’t back out. It was a great night! I’m glad I have my brother and Ben in my life!



3: Martha’s Vineyard with Mom!

Yes, I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life and this summer was my first time at Martha’s Vineyard. I loved it! So relaxing! So pretty! Next I need to go to Nantucket, I have never been there either!! I am so glad to have Mom in my life as my travel buddy, we travel so well together, and we had a blast exploring the island, and also just enjoying each other. I can’t wait to go back and live the island life again!



2: Philadelphia with Mom!

Another city I love! I’m pretty sure I love all cities! Philly was so cool, it was so hot, but also really fun and laid back and cool to explore all that the city has to offer. Again, I was with Mom, and we had a blast, from the Museum of Art, to Penn’s Landing, to the Museum of the American Revolution, to swimming in our rooftop pool! I loved it there! I can’t wait to go back to Philly some day!



I’m sure you could have guessed that this would have been my top of my whole summer! I just love NAM and I love pageants and I loved this weekend because I crowned my successor, but also helped girls of all ages to believe in themselves and I will be forever indebted to NAM for everything they have done for me, including giving my my favorite weekend of the entire summer!






I hope you had a memorable, adventurous summer too! Now, Senior Year, LET’S GO!