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My Week in Battle Creek!!

Now, you may remember that my first ever blog post was recapping my fabulous week volunteering in Gulfport, MS. Well, another spring break has come and gone, and guess what that means, another ASB trip has come and gone. This time, in Battle Creek MI.

The Drill Queens!

I must admit, I was very nervous for this year’s ASB trip. For one, because I knew it was my going to be my last one, and I really wanted it to be one I would love! Second, I was the leader of this particular trip, and I really wanted all my training, planning and prepping to pay off. Mostly, I just wanted everyone in my group to have the best time, and to love ASB as much as I do.

Feeling good after a day of drywalling!

Well, despite a few hiccups, it couldn’t have gone any better! My group got along so well, we all loved being with each other, hanging out and laughing. The site we were at were awesome, and they always had something for us to do. From hanging dry wall, to building a wheelchair ramp, to digging a trench in the rain, we really got our hands dirty (literally and figuratively).

Best group ever!

My favorite part about ASB is that each year I go (this was my third year) I come back from the trip a little different. Sophomore year, I realized that I was a lot braver than I thought I was.

We found this awesome coffee shop in downtown Battle Creek, and we learned all about these two guys!

Junior year I realized that most people are awesome, if you just give them a chance.

Outside our new favorite coffee shop in Battle Creek! Cafe Rica!

And this year, senior year, I realized that I can’t put a timeline on my life. I feel as though this entire semester, I have been thinking, 4 months until graduation, that means only 4 months left to get a job, and I need to get my reel done, and I need to make sure I spend enough time with my friends. But, being in Battle Creek, I realized that I can’t be putting this timeline on myself, because life happens the way that life is supposed to happen.

We went to Lake Michigan on our free day!

I came back from ASB feeling like my week mattered, like I spent it with people who are awesome, I got to experience a new place I probably would never have gone, and I got to help people who need help. I love my new friends, I loved learning and working and I just love ASB

Our newest friend Justin, the site coordinator!

Now, I have to say, that I know I’m not like most people, but I think that’s a good thing, I care about other people more than myself, I always say as long as everyone else is happy, I’m happy. And, I know that my life will work out, even if it’s not on the timeline that I always thought it would. I think everyone should try ASB at least once. It’s an experience that you won’t regret.

Thank you Suffolk, and thank you Battle Creek, for another week of learning!
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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost over, it seems like just yesterday it was the end of 2017, and now here we are, the end of 2018. I don’t like endings or beginnings, maybe that’s why I hate the end of the year. I actually love the middle of things, I love a good Wednesday. I really don’t like to see things end, or start. But, nevertheless, here we are, so I figured I’d give a little recap of my year, mostly for me, I won’t have any hard feelings if you never read this.

In January, I traveled to Mont Tremblant, Canada with my brother and Dad to go skiing. I love skiing on new mountains and this was a great way to kick off the new year!

Also in January, I started my internship at Channel 7 WHDH, as an assignment desk intern.

In March, I went to Gulfport Mississippi to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity with my school’s Alternative Spring Break program! (BEST WEEK EVER) I have so many other blog post’s about this week, it was just that good!

I turned 21 in March, and celebrated with my best friends!

In May, I finished junior year of college and resumed my summer position of working at Target! Hello 6 a.m. shifts!

I went to Philadelphia right before July 4th, which was super fun!

I hiked Mount Washington!

The end of July was sad, when I crowned my successor, and am now forever a has been! Thank you National American Miss!

I went to Martha’s Vineyard in August, and while I was there, I got the call that I would be interning at Channel 4 WBZ for fall semester!

I started senior year of college!!

I had the best long weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina at the One Tree Hill Convention in October!

I finished fall semester of college, and…


That’s right! I will be a script writer at Channel 7 WHDH starting on January 14th! I am excited that my 3 internships and lots of hard work helped me get this position! I know I will learn so much from this job!

Get ready world, I am coming for you this year, I’m graduating, I’m coming into the real world, and be warned, I’m going to make a splash!

I never make new year’s resolutions because no one ever sticks to them. But this year, I have one.

Here’s to happiness and love in 2019, for each and every person in the entire world!

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And Just Like That..

And just like that, my fall semester of senior year is over! I honestly am still in shock that this May, I’ll be graduating. Unless of course, this upcoming semester is too hard for me, and I can’t do it. (I’m being sarcastic). Don’t worry, I’m graduating in May, come hell or high waters.

This semester was so great, I really feel like I grew a lot, and matured. It was hard, some day’s I hated it, but over all, I think it was more good than bad, most days anyways.

Let’s recap my semester for those who haven’t been following along as closely to the intricacies of my life, and really I don’t blame you if you haven’t.

I took 4 classes for 4 credits each.


I interned at WBZ-TV (Channel 4 for you local folks) 16 hours a week.

I commuted back and forth to school an hour and a half each way.

Another day at the commuter rail!

I traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina for the One Tree Hill convention.

I’m still waiting on my own Nathan Scott.

I taught dance every Saturday morning to 3-6 year olds.

This was last year, but you get the idea.

I sort of maintained a social life. I must admit, this is probably the area I lack the most. People invite me to do things, but I’m usually working, too tired, or it’s way too late, and how am I supposed to get home? I want to work on this more for the spring semester. I have this overhwelming feeling that I’m going to graduate and wish I spent more time having fun.

Every morning I wake up, and wish I was as cool as Jeanette.

I applied for a job at Channel 7 and an internship at Channel 5. I got both, but ended up taking the job.

I celebrated my Mom, Dad, Bruce’s Andrea’s, Andrew’s Birthday, Thanksgiving, and almost Christmas.

I started The Mindy Project and am sufficiently obsessed with the show and am convinced that if Mindy Kaling and I ever met we would be best friends.

I was trained as an Alternative Spring Break Leader as preparation for my upcoming ASB trip to Battle Creek, Michigan.

I also applied for another internship with NECN, still waiting to hear back on that one, and I finished my semester after taking 4 finals and almost pulling my hair out.

Today I rewarded myself with a nice relaxing facial at the spa. Do I need to reward myself for doing something that most of the world does, working?

No I don’t, but I will tell you, this semester was difficult, classes were hard, I had to judge so many things on top of each other. I rarely eat a normal meal, it was usually while I was studying or editing a project. But, as I sit in my living room now, I realize that I had a great time with most of it, and I grew into a new, more confident, still kind of unsure, a little scared person, and I can’t wait for next semester already, because I already miss my friends. And I’m excited to start my new job!

I hope you all have a great holiday season, and a great end to 2018! I’ll tell you, I’m already excited about 2019.

Spring Break

A.S.B. 2018 (Gulfport Mississippi)

Spring Break is a coveted time for college students. After all of the tests, readings, shifts at work, trying to balance classes, homework, sleep and friends, the week comes and everyone is ready. It is easy to imagine how nice it would be to have the week off, to spend it on the beach, or traveling to some exotic land, or maybe even just a week in bed. I understand that idea, I get it.

But, my past two spring breaks have been without a doubt, two of the best weeks of my life. Rewarding, tiring, but so eye-opening. I can’t imagine doing anything else. What am I talking about? Alternative Spring Break. The only kind of spring break that I can ever imagine having for the rest of my life. A week of giving back, volunteering, and maybe, just maybe making a difference, even if it is in some small way.

My team on the first day of volunteering!

We sided this whole side of the house!

Learning how to use the nail gun properly!


Each year a few days before spring break, I wish I could have a few more days off, I sometimes wish I didn’t sign up to go on the trip. I know it is going to be long days full of work, and late nights up with the group. I know the flights are early, and the beds aren’t the same as my own. But, then I suck it up and I go. And each year when I get home, I don’t regret one thing about the trip. In fact, I can’t imagine my life without it. There is something so rewarding, so indescribable, so truly magical about the week. The only thing that I can say about it is: There is one point in the trip when you are sitting with everyone, or maybe you are at the work site, or maybe its at night before you fall asleep -it’s different for everyone- but there is one moment, when you just realize how there is something so special about this and you just know that you are going through the best time of your life, and you know that you will never forget it for as long as you live. You know that not that many people get to feel this way at any point in their lives and it’s so important to appreciate it, to appreciate every single moment that passes by and be thankful for it when it is over.

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Quick Break on the Job Site!

Many don’t want to spend their week volunteering, many would rather be on a beach or at a bar. I can’t say I blame them. But, I always try to put myself in the shoes of the people whose house we are building (for alternative spring break people volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, LGBTQ or an environmental group,) and I try to imagine how happy and peaceful they will be when they get to move into a home that they finally get to call their own. It’s worth every minute.

There is no right answer for anyone when it comes to volunteering, some people will never find it in their hearts to do so, and some people will only volunteer a day. I love to help people, to make them happy. That is when I feel my happiest, and my most me. That’s all I want to do in life, to make people smile, make them feel joy.

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Learning how to use the Skill Saw!


Alternative Spring Break may be a week of volunteering, but it’s also a week of self discovery, a week of learning about a new state, and seeing a new part of the world. It’s an adventure, it’s an experience, and it is a week of meeting people who probably would otherwise never have the chance to meet. I love to see how people change through the week, how they grow, including myself.


Each year when I get home, I am sad. People are not going to understand what I did, why I did it, or why I keep laughing about something that happened on the plane, or in the church or on the job site. I am so thankful for it. The week is so magical, that is the only word I can think of to describe it.

Almost done siding the house!

One day we took a trip to a gator park and got to see real alligators and even feed them!