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If you frequent my blog, then you must know that I am a gigantic romantic comedy fan. From novels, to blog posts, to Instagram posts, to movies to literally people walking down the street holding hands. Maybe it’s my lack of romance in my daily life, or maybe it’s just something deep inside of me, but I love romantic comedies.

And lately, Netflix has really been feeding into my love of romance with these new movies and TV shows that they have been adding.

Oh, Kissing Booth, you have my heart.  (Photo Courtesy:

There was a point last semester where I sat down and wrote a post about my all time favorite couples, from all genres. Just for kicks, I’ll add that in here.

(Fun fact, I just learned how to do hyperlinks at my internship today, so I’m feeling pretty cool)

Anyways, let’s talk about romantic comedies. Some could argue that they aren’t good, because they are so predictable which makes them uninteresting. Which, yes, they are unpredictable, but it still doesn’t change the fact that my heart will be racing during the movies, and I won’t be able to feel calm until it ends.

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Let’s take Kissing Booth for example. A totally predictable movie, Elle has a best friend named Lee, Lee has an older brother, Noah, who Lee has never been able to live up to. Elle and Lee vow to never date each other’s siblings, (which won’t be a problem for Lee because Elle’s sibling is like 8) But, because it’s a movie, and because it’s a romantic comedy, Elle and Noah end up dating, which causes friction between the two best friends. Yes, totally predictable and I can totally see how that is going to end, but that changes nothing for me. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to watch it any less, or it won’t make my heart race and I won’t get butterflies in my tummy when I see the way that they look at each other. (Here’s another fun fact for you, the last time I cried was October 2017, that is until this past Saturday when I sat in my bed watching this movie, and cried after Elle and Noah broke up and she didn’t have a mom to talk to, and Noah’s mom came over to console her. I LOST IT! I mean, lost it)

Moving on,

Romantic Comedies are just adorable, because real life just isn’t like that, but it doesn’t mean I won’t sit on the train on the way home imagining every possible scenario that could maybe happen to me because of this past book I read, or movie I watched. They are unrealistic, but isn’t that what makes them so good?

Let’s take my second favorite television show, for example. New Girl. Jess and Nick. We watch them for seven seasons try to deny the fact that they aren’t made for each other. We watch them kiss, we watch them break up, and we watch them become best friends. And the way that Jess and Nick are so different and so incredibly in love with each other, I mean, my heart just melts. You don’t get that type of love in the real world, so we watch it on tv.

New Girl Season 7
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Another super popular new movie that Netflix put out is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It doesn’t hurt that it’s amazing and the main character Peter Kavinsky is one of the most attractive men to walk the earth, but this movie has been a huge hit. I mean I’m a senior in college, and all my friends and I just love it. I was trying to figure out which movie I liked better, To all the Boys, or Kissing Booth, and I really can’t say, because they were both AMAZING!

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Let’s be real, this is so me on a first date (Photo Courtesy:

I’m not going to lie, I’m debating writing letters and sending them out to my past crushes to see just what happens to me, or maybe having my own kissing booth and getting the hottest people to volunteer. I mean, it happened to Lara Jean and Elle, it could totally happen to me, right? Probably Not.

Also, I’ve decided I am so Kitty from To all the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before, I mean, I just am Kitty.

So, the real moral of this post is just that, yes, I know romantic comedies are unrealistic and totally predictable, but there is something inside of me that bubbles up every time I watch one, or read about one. There is some feeling I get when I see just how made for each other these two people are, just how perfect they are together.

Maybe I won’t ever be famous, or be in a movie, or write a book, or even meet the love of my life, but I hope that the feeling I get when I watch or read about the magic that occurs when two people are perfect for each other never fades away, because I could be totally happy living vicariously through these fake couples, who like Nick Miller said in Season 7, are based on real people, so some part of it has to be real, right?

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I don’t know why anyone isn’t saying this to me… (Photo Courtesy:

If you love romantic comedies as much as I do, let me know, we can totally get together and binge watch our favorites!









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