For those of you who know me well, know there are few things in the world I love more than Nathan. Who is Nathan you may ask? Why, Nathan Scott of course, from my all time favorite television show, One Tree Hill. But, he is also my bear. My larger than life, boyfriend, best friend, therapist and back seat driver. That is who Nathan is.

IMG_1156 (2)

I got Nathan a few years ago from my friend Emma. Her boyfriend gave it to her as a gift, but then, they broke up, so I took it. He is much too large for my house, so I decided to put him in my car and buckle him up. He stays there a lot, but he also hangs by the pool with me, we watch One Tree Hill together, and we cuddle. We listen to music and we go for walks. we play basketball and jam out to music!


He goes to dance, even the students at the studio I teach at know who he is. They even say to me that they know that I am there or not by seeing Nathan in the parking lot. He goes on my road trips with my friends and me. He is a star in my snap chats and Insta-Stories. He even got to be in my dance pictures with me! And he is just so darn adorable!


Now, before you get too worried about me, I know Nathan isn’t real. I know the character on the show is just that, a character. But, I so badly in my heart want there to be a real live Nathan, someone who treats me the way that Nathan treats Haley in the show. I so badly want that to be true. And, I created him in my bear. I know that he is just a bear, but he makes me happy when I get up at 5 to go to work and see him in my backseat always smiling at me. He makes me happy when the heat won’t work, or when I roll the windows down and we just drive jamming out to the radio. I love when I drive by people and they see him and wonder what is wrong with me. They probably wonder how I ever got my license?

IMG_1161 (2)

The thing about Nathan is that he makes people happy. He makes people laugh with how ridiculous he is, and how large he is. He makes people smile when they see him chilling in the front yard. And, that’s all I want to do in life, make people happy. But, I will always be searching for my real life Nathan, just like Haley and Nathan in One Tree Hill.

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