Just A Normal Thursday In Boston

Boston is a strange place. You know, I’ve spent the last 4 years commuting every single day to the city and I still haven’t been able to figure it out. Some days are really cold, and then it’s hot and then back to the rain and wind. And on those hot days, you better believe every single person in the vicinity of the city is outside.

Especially the first warm day of the year. It’s always my favorite day of the year, it’s been so cold for so long, and strangely you’ve gotten used to it. You don’t need as many layers as you did in November. And then the weathermen are calling for unseasonably warm temperatures for that one Friday in late April, and professors cancel classes, the esplanade is packed and people are eating their lunch outside at the common. The T has that summer smell. The city feels alive again.

And then there is Valentine’s Day. As a person who has always been single on Valentine’s Day, I’ve spent a lot of time romanticizing other people. Valentine’s Day is always cold, and it’s always just a normal day. But each year I walk to the commuter rail after my day at school, I see couples holding hands, and I see people buying flowers and a card last minute, and carrying it on the train. And I see people going out to dinner. And yet it still strikes me that apart from the uptick in flower sales, it’s a pretty normal day here in the city. And I think that’s what Boston is.

It’s a place where people don’t make a big scene, unless it’s a patriots game. It’s a place where Valentine’s Day is a normal Thursday, you go to work, buy your wife or husband flowers and carry them on the train quietly. No big scene, no big deal. It’s another cold Thursday in February, where you show a little love.

Every person that’s been to Boston can understand it’s a special place, where people keep to themselves, people aren’t about to turn to the person behind them in the line for Starbucks and strike up a conversation about their day. But, I dare you to walk through the city during rush hour on Valentine’s Day and not feel the magic that this city holds, on a day as normal as any other Thursday in February.

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